Here at DOTKOM, we strive to provide impeccable turn-key build solutions to builders, designers and architects, engineers, interior designers, fitout providers, spatial designers and medical researchers. Our ethos is all about integrity, innovation, transparent communication and brilliant builds.

We specialise in building precision-focused staircases, balustrades and complex custom fabrication. We believe in building works of art that make every install an enjoyable experience for people every single day. We take pride in the fact that we’ve had ONE defect out of the 51 projects we’ve worked on over the past year.


3D & 2D project design drafting

Bespoke project builds & custom fabrication

Spiral staircases & curved balustrades and handrails.

What we do

Provide end-to-end build solutions.

Maximise transparency and minimise project defects.

Raise the bar in build quality and project completion.